Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baby boy pencil portrait from photo

Here is a floating head...oh, just kidding...don't worry, he will have a body later! :)
This pencil portrait is at the stage where it is not blended, there are no highlights taken out yet.
I had just stared laying out the dark areas. I worked on the eyes a lot at this point, rather than try to do it after the face is blended and highlighted. To me, the eyes are almost always the key to making the portrait look like the person.

Back to the body, the reference photo showed the little boy lying down and his bib totally obscures his shoulders and neck, so I'll have to determine the neck and shoulder lengths, and then add in clothing. The client told me she wants something like a cable knit sweater or something similar. The baby is 6 months old, so that will give me an idea about how long to draw his neck and shoulders.

I do these pencil portraits on commission, and if you would like a portrait in graphite pencil of a child, Please see my website for more information.

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