Sunday, December 28, 2008

Portrait of Grandfather & Grandchildren

This portrait was done using 3 separate photos as art references. This is a portrait of a grandfather with his grandchildren, however, the grandfather passed away before either of the children were born. I usually don't like to put 3 subjects on one piece of 11"x14" paper, but this worked out well because of the layout. I did this portrait in November, 2008.

This is a digital photo of a portrait literally on my drawing board. You can see a bit of my board on the right of the photo!


cscottdraw said...

This turned out great. I like how you put pencil in the background, I tend to just leave mine white. I think the hardest part about combining images is getting the size of their head correct in comparison to the person next to them.

Darla, Pencil Portrait Artist said...

Chelsey, I've found that people tend to prefer the shaded backgrounds. I used to do mine all white, but I surveyed some people and found they liked the shading. Who knew? It also turns out that shading it takes about the same amount of time, because when I kept the background white, I had to spend a lot of time cleaning it up with eraser to keep it really white and clean. The blending has actually been a lot less stressful in the end. I use a chamois and get some graphite on it and then usually go in small circular motions.