Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer art assignments

My daughter is taking Advanced Placement Art classes next year. So her instructor has given her a list of AP Drawing Art Summer Assignments. I thought they looked pretty good. Excellent if you want to work on something to help stay out of an art rut. Helps one branch out a bit, if you know what I mean.
Complete 10 assignments over the summer. For each work, make a drawing that is at least 9"x12" and uses the entire page.
  • Make a still life with a good variety of objects that have different textures, sizes, and shapes. Set up the objects so you have an interesting and visually pleasing arrangement. Set up a cloth in the background. Use the whole page, drawing a still life that focuses on value, texture and form. Make the objects look three dimensional through accurate shading. Show the different textures and surfaces of the objects.
  • Look at the animal images of Durer. Draw an animal with equal attention to detail, using pen.
  • Draw 100 things on one page.
  • Look straight down at your feet. Fill a page with what you see.
  • In oil pastel, draw a jacket that is draped over a piece of furniture. Draw both with careful shading and contour line.
  • Make a drawing of an unusual interior that contains a good number of interesting objects. Look inside a cabinet, a closet, a drawer, a wardrobe, or in a box of things.
  • Take a photo of yourself showing extreme emotion. Make a drawing in the style of Van Gogh based on the photo. Use expressive colors.
  • Look at the collage and paint works of Benny Andrews. Make a collage, mixed media work in his style that shows people you know engaged in everyday activities.
  • Make a drawing of a tree.
  • Make a detailed self portrait from life in the style of Rembrandt.

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