Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Little boy pencil portrait drawn from photo

Here is the portrait from the other day, now all finished. If you remember, it was the portrait that just looked like a floating head ( LINK ) .

I ran out of 11x14 paper (gasp! Some on order) but I used can either be cut down or left as is. The image area is all within the 11x14" space though. At least this gives the client some freedom in the framing/matting.

In the reference photo, he is leaning on his side and a bib obscures part of his chin, so I hope I have his chin right. The sweater is out of my imagination, but I did happen across a tiny little photo in a magazine of a little boy about the same age wearing a sweater, and that helped me a bit with the neck length, and where the folds of knit would fall.

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